Happy Birthday Catimini – Catimini turns 40!


Catimini From France

Catimini is now 40, but still revels in childhood dreams…

Since 1972 the iconic boutique brand Catimini from France has been designing creative, wonderful, colourful, excellent quality clothing for newborn babies and children up to 14 years of age. Catimini  designs are inspired by various cultures and its clothes are made using high quality fabrics with attention to detail.

Catimini Spirit Denim White Eyelet & Floral Embroidery Sundress

Catimini Spirit Denim White Eyelet & Floral Embroidery Sundress

The brand’s uniqueness is perhaps best shown through its quality, although

catimini spirit coleur layette clothing for boys

Catimini Spring 2012 Boys Layette Collection

its creative designs are so amazing it is sometimes hard to believe the items can actually be worn! It is this imagination brought to life through clothing artistry that helps to trasnport each little wearer into a dream world that is atypical of most clothing available for this age range.

catimini white denim blouse

catimini white denim blouse

Bright bold colours that will not fade (we accidentally ran our daughter’s dress through the laundry on the sanitary boiling water cycle with her diapers, and the dress came out like new!  See her wearing it during her wagon ride below!) .


A little model wagon-riding in her cute spring 2012 Catimini Outfit!

Even the flip-flops from Catmini are beautiful:


To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Catimini has partnered with ElefantAsia, to sponsor a mother elephant and her new baby.  ElefantAsia is an association based in Laos
whose mission is to protect the Indian elephant. You can find out more here:



Catimini has partnered with Elefantasia

You can explore the catimini collection at 3 little Monkeys in our clothing and apparel section here







Doing the Foxtrot – We LOVE the 2012 DwellStudio Prints!

Oh how we love DwellStudio.  And for 2012, they have done it again!  Our friends at Dwell have released their lovely new nursery and kids bedding and accessories collection for 2012, and we couldn’t  love it more!  First, are the foxes.  Who doesn’t love foxes?


Fox Iconic Knit blanket by DwellStudio

The bright orange colour and the bold fox print are simply stunning! The entire Woodland tumble collection for 2012 is amazing, check out this New Zealand Wool Rug:

dwell wool woodland tumble rug

Sweet Woodland Themed Wool Nursery Rug from DwellStudio

Perhaps our favorite new development is that DwellStudio is starting to offer their nursery bedding as separates!  So those of you who have a tighter budget, or who like to mix and match, or simply just like to skip certain parts of the bedding sets are free to pick and choose accordingly.  The sets are still offered as a bundle ( especially great for that extra WOW! factor for group gift giving) but now if you just want to buy the crib skirt ( or the play blanket, or the sheets etc…) , you can buy it alone and not have to worry about all the extra pieces that you don’t want but which you previously had to purchase when the crib sets were sold all together.

We also love the new Unicorn Print.  How fun can a little girl’s room get with this lovely Peony Unicorn duvet set ( offered in both Twin and Full size):

UNicorn Peony Dwell Duvet Set

DwellStudio Unicorn Peony Kids Duvet Set

Also fun with DwellStudio is accesories accessories accessories!  Their new picture frames are adorable and match perfectly with all of the other pieces in the lines.  They have an Aqua Owl, an Orange bus, a Petal Pink Sparrow or a Grey Elephant and each comes with hardware for both wall mount of shelf standing, so you decide how you want to display them.

Each of these frames matches perfectly with the line from which it comes, making it easy peasy to make the nursery look picture-perfect.

Frames can be wall mounted or used as shelf standing. We love how this designer paired the owls with wall art to create a little owls-in-tree vignette.

Next are the boudoir pillows.  Nothing fancies up a glider or bed faster than a coordinating bolster pillow, and these DwellStudio ones are fantastic, and like the photo frames they match the bedding sets perfectly allowing that little extra touch to make the nursery/bedrooom look finished!

skyline boudoir

Sparrow Boudoir

Owls Boudoir

We sell these boudoir pillows at the store for $39.99 so its an easy inexpensive way to complete the room.  See them here:  http://www.3littlemonkeysottawa.com/products.php?cat=24

Stay tuned and check our site/store often as the new 2012 dwell things are starting to trickle in!

Ugg Australia comes to 3 little Monkeys


Kids Ugg Boots

What could be more adorable than a line of smiley giggling 5 year olds? A line of smiley giggling 5 year olds wearing Uggs, of course. At 3 Little Monkeys, we can’t keep our eyes off the new Ugg Boots lining our shelves in the apparel section of our store.

Why do we like them so much?

1. First of all they are a great Multi-Season Footwear.The natural properties of wool will wick moisture away to ensure dry and cozy feet. Wool fleece helps maintain body temperature, making UGG® Australia footwear appropriate for all climates. In fact, the wool will keep your feet warm down to -30°F and cool up to 80°F. Because of this, UGG® Australia sheepskin footwear can be worn all year round. ( We don’t however recommend wearing them in wet weather)

Matilda Ledger wearing ugg boots

Matilda Ledger Wearing Ugg Boots

2. Most Ugg Kids Boots are a simple slip on style, and anyone who has dressed more than one kid at a time when leaving for school in the morning will agree – the fewer zippers, buttons, shoelaces and buckles, the better.

Gwen Stefani Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills with her son in his Ugg Boots

Gwen Stefani Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills with her son looking cute as a button in his button-free Classic Toddler Chestnut Ugg Boots

3.  Kids Uggs even look good on boys. How many times have you ogled the selection of girls things while shopping for your boy, only to see that the male offerings are sparse and uninteresting?  WIth Ugg boots you don’t have to worry, there are lots of styles for girls and boys alike.

boys in Ugg Boots jumping on pickup truck

Ugg Boots for boys

4. There is something for everyone.  At Ugg, there are tons of styles inlcuding baby slippers, waterproof winter snowboots, and all sorts of colours, even patchwork styles, for the discerning child.

Ugg CLassic Patchwork Toddler Boots in Patchwork Cactus Flower


5. They keep little ankles warm.  The shape of the boots ensures the bottoms of little legs will be toasty and warm even when it’s cold enough for hot chocolate.  That way you can actually drink your hot chocolate outside instead of going inside to warm up the old fashioned way.

6. The baby slippers are just irresistable cute.

Cute baby wearing ugg boots

Baby Booties by Ugg

At the store we have a good selection of the most popular styles, and if you see something we don’t have or if we are oversold on a style you’d like to order, don’t hesitate to contact us!  Check them out here:  http://www.3littlemonkeysottawa.com/products.php?cat=791


Cloth Diapers – and how! (no really…and how? help!)

At 3 Little Monkeys, some of the most common questions we hear from new parents have to do with the world of cloth diapering and go something like this:

“1) so…how do I know which cloth diapers work best? 2) and how many cloth diapers do I need?  3)  how should we wash our diapers? 4) how do I convince my husband/wife that cloth diapering is easy? 5) what do we do with the dirty cloth diapers? 6) what type of laundry detergent should we be using for our cloth diapers? 7) is it ok to use zinc based creams on my baby’s bum if i am using cloth diapers? 8)  What is the difference between a prefold diaper and a fitted diaper, and how do you use a swim diaper?  9) Is an all in one diaper easier to use than a 2 piece diaper? 10) should I use a wetbag or a diaper pail? Ahhhhhh!!  Wait a minute, what is a wetbag anyway and how does a diaper pail work? ”



Applecheeks Cloth Diapers are a perennial favourite at 3 Little Monkeys

At the monkeys, we have you covered (get it -  covered? as in with your diaper…cover? ). When you come in to the shop with baby in tow with questions questions questions like any of these or the other hundreds of questions we get about cloth diapering, (and babies in general) we are proud to help you figure it all out and find the system that is going to suit you best (and more importantly to leave the store with a cute new bum for your babe).

mother-ease swim diaper

Mother-ease swim diapers are made in Canada

Want to come in and talk about your baby’s poop?  No problem, one of us has probably dealt with whatever problem you are having and we might even have suggestions to help you through it ( and if not at least we will commiserate).  All of the staff at the shop have diapered babies using the brands we carry, and washed them with the soaps we sell.  So we are proud to be able to offer an expansive knowledge resource for parents staring at our humongous wall of cloth diapers wondering “oh dear – where do i start”.

New diaper trail and Diaper Rental Programs at 3 Little Monkeys

Over the next few months, starting in October, we are going to be rolling out our new diaper rental and trial programs at 3 little monkeys, which will allow for all of you new cloth diaper candidates to try all the brands and then decide which one you prefer)  You can also sign up to rent the newborn size (which  is more economical than buying the whole set for that size since babies outgrow that one so fast).  Customers will be able to earn credits for money spent on these programs and to apply those credits to their diaper purchases.  What could be better?  Well, we are going to throw in free sample laundry sodas so you can test those too! We are thrilled to be able to offer these services to our customers, and we thought in preparation for it all that it was appropriate to have some posts in our blog about interesting cloth diaper tricks and information, including eventual explanations of the above 10 questions plus many more – but for now, lets at least answer question number 1): “so…how do I know which type of diapers work best?”  and our answer is…it depends!  How many kids are you diapering, what time of day, how heavy do they wet, do they have sensitive skin? Are they eating solid food yet?  Are you going to use your diapers  for a second ( and third and 4th…) child? Do you want to use biodegradable liners and can you put them in your septic tank and at what age do you do that?  Do you like snaps or velcro?  What kind of washer do you have, how big is your budget  and what are your favorite colours?  Phew ~ its tiring just thinking about all the choices and we already know the answers so we sure do understand where you are coming from if you don’t know where to start.

bummis diaper cover babies

Bummis Diaper Covers are oh-so-cute

We can tell you one thing though, before you even come to our shop we have simplified your choices by carrying only the brands that we know and trust so as to not innundate you with less than perfect options.  Why bother right?  We don’t put  second and third favorites in our lineup.  We only carry the top brands and we stick by our choices by using them ourselves. FYI:  Don’t forget the babylegs:


Babylegs make potty training and diaper changing easier. (Plus, they're super cute!)

The big 3: Which cloth diapers do WE like best?

Did you know  that our 3 most popular ( and our favorite) brands also happen to be Canadian.  Cool, eh? We proudly stock Mother-ease for fitted diapers, Bummis for our prefolds/cover combination, and Applecheeks for our envelope/pocket diaper combo.  We also have a lovely selection of affordable wool soakers (which just happen to also be organic and made with love in Germany).

Now that we have figured out that there is a lot of thinking and preparation to do when you purchase your cloth diapers, I bet you are thinking “wow, I need to plan a serious outing to spend at the monkeys so I can fully explore all of my options, but how will I ever find the time I need to also shop for my stroller, natural toys, baby clothing and our baby carrier ?”  Have no  fear my friends,   3 little monkeys to the rescue.  At our shop you can literally spend all afternoon and not run out of fun things to look at, including strollers (bugaboo, stokke) natural toys (wood, silk, cloth, made both locally and from all over the world) baby clothing ( april cornell, deux par deux, beba bean, perrywinkles kids, oilily, disana etc) and baby carriers ( ergo, beco, moby wrap, maya wrap, sakura bloom and pippalily!)

PS dont forget about your after-trip … since our friends across the street at Stella Luna Gellato  are finally open and would love to serve you up a yummy Panini sandwich with homemade Gellato


for dessert. (Which, by the way,  is a wonderful treat for new mamas since after all, you’re eating for two, right?)

Stay tuned for more posts about our fabulous diapers and diaper related services in the weeks to come.




Ergo Baby Meets Petunia Pickle Bottom

Ergo, meet Petunia; Petunia, this is our friend  Ergo.

Is it time to do a giveaway?

Sometimes we wonder what could be more wonderful than Petunia Pickle Bottom and Ergo baby carriers.  Well this summer we got the answer to that — Petunia Pickle Bottom Ergo Baby Carriers!

petunia pickle bottom baby carrier

Evening in Innsbruck by Petunia Ergo Baby Carrier

These stylish new Ergo Baby Carriers come in 3 of Petunia Pickle Bottoms prettiest prints:  Evening in Innsbruck, Peaceful Portofino, and Heavenly Holland.  Our first shipment of these fancy baby carriers at the store sold out in just a few days, but when the next shipment came we snagged one to use with our youngest resident store baby (a.k.a. Holly) and we simply can’t say enough wonderful things about it.

Peaceful Portofino Ergo baby Carrier

Peaceful Portofino by Petunia Ergo Baby Carrier

First of all, yes they are as pretty in person as they look in the photos.  Second – even when it is  just laying around not being used (sticking out of the diaper bag, hanging out of the bottom of the bugaboo, hanging on the back of a chair) this baby carrier is a lovely thing to look at.

Next: if you are wondering why this Ergo looks more sleek than the usual more bulky looking Ergos, it’s because they have left out the front Zipper Pocket on this version which has both pros and cons so you need to decide what you think on your own for this one.  We thought it was gonig to bother us (we are so used to using that pocket on the regular Ergo) but it has so far been a complete non-issue and we are loving the more tailored look of it all.

Heavenly Holland by Petunia Ergo baby Carrier

Heavenly Holland by Petunia Ergo baby Carrier

Last but not least, did we mention its Organic Cotton?

The deets:

    • The Petunia Ergos retail slightly higher than the regular ones; for $175
    • With separate Infant Insert, the all-in-one carrier that can be used for all your babywearing years
    • Allows parents to maintain closeness with baby while attending to daily activities
    • May be worn in front, back and hip positions
    • Comfortable for parent; balances baby’s weight to parents’ hips and shoulders
    • Supports correct sitting position for baby’s hip, pelvis, and spine growth
    • Soft, smooth feel for baby
    • Ensured safety and security for baby
    • Maximum durability and fit
    • Ergonomic design
    • Fits most adult body types, from 5′ to 6’6″
    • Carries babies from infancy (with Infant Insert) to 45lbs.
    • 100% Organic cotton
    • Coordinates with ERGO baby accessories as part of the ERGObaby HandsFree System
    • Also coordinates with Petunia Pickle Bottom accessories for a wide range of matching options
    • All 3 fabulous prints are available at our shop – or you can purchase them through our online shop here: Petunia Pickle Bottom Ergo Baby Carriers at 3 Little Monkeys in Ottawa

So anyway, to answer the question we asked back up at the top, should we do a giveaway?  Yes yes yes! We believe we should celebrate these beauties by giving one of them away.

One lucky winner will receive a free Petunia Pickle Bottom Ergo in the print of their choice ( the choice will limited to available stock, of course, in the event that any of the prints are unavailable).

Please check our facebook page for details (which are not ready yet but will be posted very soon) of our September Petunia Pickle Bottom Ergo Baby Carrier giveaway!


Deux par Deux Snow Suits and Fall Apparel is trickling in at 3 Little Monkeys

August is always an exciting time at the shop; summer is wrapping itself up and all things fall and winter come in droves and we scurry around the shop  like little squirrels trying to find a place for it all.  Currently we are up to our ears in boxes of luscious all things fall.  Organic boiled wool suits, mitts, hats and other such lovelies from Germany,disana boiled wool baby overalls and we still have the main portion of that shipment still en route.  We also have the famous Stonz booties, padraig wool and sheepskin slippers, mimitensorange mimitens monkey mittens Fabulous Mittens … but perhaps the most exciting newest addition to our fall lineup is the arrival of the fall collection of children’s clothing from Deux par Deux, the Quebec label created by Claude Diwan and Maurice Elmaleh.  Recognizable for their colourful, eye-catching, European inspired collections, the company is a leader in the Canadian children’s fashion industry. We will admit, when pieces started trickling in (it still is not all in yet) we were scrounging up babies and kids to model things for us because they were all so irresistable.  The tights are to die for, the knits have fun prints and there is lots of mix and match.   Our favorite for girls is definitely the Pink Cocottes full length winter Snow coat ( We love all the fancy embroidery) and for boys we adore the one -piece arcade snowsuit (we can’t resist the  cute monster on the back with his little blue horns!). From layettes to snowsuits, and with a wide range of diversified clothing for both boys and girls and both day-to-day wear and special occasions, Deux par Deux is an exciting new addition at the shop, so be sure to come and check it out ( and remember to bring small children so you have someone to model for you!) Find everything Deux par Deux scattered through our clothing and apparel section here:  http://www.3littlemonkeysottawa.com/categories.php?cat=13