Happy Birthday Catimini – Catimini turns 40!


Catimini From France

Catimini is now 40, but still revels in childhood dreams…

Since 1972 the iconic boutique brand Catimini from France has been designing creative, wonderful, colourful, excellent quality clothing for newborn babies and children up to 14 years of age. Catimini  designs are inspired by various cultures and its clothes are made using high quality fabrics with attention to detail.

Catimini Spirit Denim White Eyelet & Floral Embroidery Sundress

Catimini Spirit Denim White Eyelet & Floral Embroidery Sundress

The brand’s uniqueness is perhaps best shown through its quality, although

catimini spirit coleur layette clothing for boys

Catimini Spring 2012 Boys Layette Collection

its creative designs are so amazing it is sometimes hard to believe the items can actually be worn! It is this imagination brought to life through clothing artistry that helps to trasnport each little wearer into a dream world that is atypical of most clothing available for this age range.

catimini white denim blouse

catimini white denim blouse

Bright bold colours that will not fade (we accidentally ran our daughter’s dress through the laundry on the sanitary boiling water cycle with her diapers, and the dress came out like new!  See her wearing it during her wagon ride below!) .


A little model wagon-riding in her cute spring 2012 Catimini Outfit!

Even the flip-flops from Catmini are beautiful:


To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Catimini has partnered with ElefantAsia, to sponsor a mother elephant and her new baby.  ElefantAsia is an association based in Laos
whose mission is to protect the Indian elephant. You can find out more here:



Catimini has partnered with Elefantasia

You can explore the catimini collection at 3 little Monkeys in our clothing and apparel section here







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